Friday, April 25, 2008

To find objects in AOT with particular properties

Sometimes I need to find objects in AOT with particular properties. Find tool (Ctrl-F) works great when you set Containing text field correctly.

In the following case I tried to find all tables in AOT with Temporary property set to Yes.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

debug mode from code

run debug mode when expression is false


SysInfoAction and InfoLog

To do an action from InfoLog dialog you need to create SysInfoAction using one of SysInfoAction_xx classes or create your own descendant class.

For example, to allow the current user open E-mail parameters form by appropriate menu item:

Info('Check e-mail parameters,'',SysInfoAction_MenuFunction::newMenuItem('SysEmailParameters',MenuItemType::Display));

Monday, April 14, 2008

a little bug in MainMenu creation

Any time you add a submenu in MainMenu and try to delete it DAX crahses.

true for:

Kernel version: 4.0.2163.0
Application version: 4.0.2500.424

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Send alerts to online users in AX 4.0

When I started looking for how to send an alert to online users I found very few links on this topic. Here they are:

I compiled everything and created the little project AlertFromCode.xpo that can be useful in daily administrator work. A few words about that:

- Send Alerts button on Online Users form

- Send Alert dialog where a user can choose various options

for example, to send the alert by:
  • popup window inside AX environment (it can be seen on EventAlertInbox form)
  • e-mail to the mailboxes of recipients
  • net send command to the computer which the user connected from
moreover, it is possible to log results of e-mail and net sending attempts in Infolog (they are not stored in EventAlertInbox)


Name of sender which placed in Subject of the message is taken from appropriate E-mail Templates which chosen in Alert Parameters.

Keep in mind that Alerter Service should be started on the client side in order to receive messages of net send command. If not the class will show the warning but it takes much time to wait for a response from the command.