Monday, July 28, 2008

DAX Help Creation Quick Information

It may be a very good idea to provide your customer with a full documentation about customisations made during the project in .chm file - standard format of Microsoft Dynamics AX help. It can be distributed and maintained easier and more flexible.

By virtue of Arijit Basu (DAX Guy) blog I created this very simple help project DAXHelpCreation.chm which can be decompiled and analysed in order to create your own help project.

It includes DAX Guy posting itself as the first article, then my short notes about .html files preparation and, finally, the entire project from Microsoft Help Kit.

Create the f. manual!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

AppDoc Bug: HTMLHelpFile property is unavailable in DAX2009

As far as I see neither this property nor HTMHelpTopic are available for newly created objects in Application Documentation branch of AOT even if I set HTMLFileEnabled to Yes.

The only cure is to restart the client.

Moreover, after that if you first choose anything but your newly created object in Application Documentation branch (if you e.g. search for it by typing its first letters of the name) or the current element you are working with in the branch loses the focus that is the case - you now cannot change these properties.

Correct me, please, if I missed something.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Universal Field Changer (xpo project)

Sometimes we need to change the values of a group of records in a table at once. I hope this project will be useful in this meaning.

It allows you to choose a table with excluding some of them. After that you can browse the table and open it directly in AOT.

You then can choose a field from the table excluding or not system fields and look through existing values to pick up or just input a new value.

Change function works only with a result of the query which text you can see as well. No checks nor validatings!

Use it at your own risk and do not forget how it can be dangerous for the system to change their fields directly!

The project is moved to. Tested on version 4.0.

Next, I am going to implement it as a class.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Go to the main table option

It was something new for me.

To have Go to the main table option working properly you should create a form and appropriate Display Menu Item for the table with the same name.

Otherwise you will get a message like this:

No object specified on menu item XXXX_TableName