Saturday, December 9, 2017

EDT and tables wizard for AX 2012

AX 2012 Wizard allows to create new Extended data types and new tables with relations, delete actions, indexes and find methods, based on a simple Excel file. Two sample Excel files are included in the zip-package.

Just import two classes (ADO class is to support Excel import).

You can set up new types (if needed) and new tables with all bells and whistles, then run the Wizard and can go fishing until it does its job.

Happy fishing!

It creates:
- all new types based on basic types; (ignores if exists)
- all new labels for US-EN and FR-CA or finds existing one for US-EN;
- new tables;
- new fields;
- new field group with all new fields and the same label as for table;
- new index based on the first field and set is as cluster index;
- normal relation to the main table if given (one only);
- cascade delete action for all new relations from subordinated tables;
- method find based on the first field.

If it fails to open Excel file, check your currently installed Excel version and adapt the connection string.

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