Thursday, May 29, 2008

Uninstall SQL 2005 Embedded Edition SSEE

Looking for how to uninstall SQL 2005 Embedded Edition SSEE? Me too. There are a lot of links in the web but I think the best one is the following from Microsoft TechNet.

Uninstalling WSUS 3.0 does not uninstall the database instance

If WSUS 3.0 is uninstalled, the database instance will not be uninstalled. The instance may be shared by more than one application, and will cause other applications to fail if it is removed.

If it is necessary to uninstall Windows Internal Database, the following commands will uninstall the application:

(on 32-bit platforms)

msiexec /x {CEB5780F-1A70-44A9-850F-DE6C4F6AA8FB} callerid=ocsetup.exe

(on 64-bit platforms)

msiexec /x {BDD79957-5801-4A2D-B09E-852E7FA64D01} callerid=ocsetup.exe

If you wish to uninstall Windows Internal Database Service Pack 2 from Windows Server 2008, you may do so by means of Server Manager.

However, the removal of the application may not remove the default .mdf and .ldf files, which will cause a subsequent WSUS 3.0 installation to fail. These files can be deleted from the %windir%\SYSMSI\SSEE directory.

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