Friday, July 28, 2023

XDS in action: How to restraint access to data based on the current user employee

Extensible Data Security (XDS) policies allow restraint access to D365FO data in a very flexible way.

Business case: a user can see those purchase orders and their related confirmations only if he or she is Requester. The whole project can basically contain three objects: role, query, and policy.

After creating a specific security role, we need to create a query with HCMWorker table so that it is filtered for the current user.

All constrained tables should be added to the policy by referencing a particular relation (PurchTable, for example, has two relations with HCMWorker table; thus, we need to pick up the required one related to Requester field)

Note: we can create a join expression if a required relation does not exist for a given table.

Once the project built and synchronized, we can assign this new role along with some standard ones to a user. For example sake, I added Ada to my user.

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