Monday, October 31, 2022

Code Review

Disclaimer: this is just a short recap of what Martin Dráb explained in his article

Purpose of code reviews

  • Internal quality:
    1. Overall approach – does the code do the right thing by proper means? 
    2. Maintainability/extensibility – are we able to easily extend the solution, fix bugs etc.? 
    3. Testability – are we able to test the code?
    4. Documentation – are we able to understand why the code was made and what it does?
    5. Performance – is the design correct from performance perspective? 
  • Functional testing: Some bugs are much more visible when looking into code
  • Knowledge sharing: Discussions between the developer and the reviewer


  • BP check 
  • xppbp.exe
  • DevOps code review request

Top 10 issues discovered from Dynamics AX Code Review

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