Thursday, April 22, 2021

Maximum Size for Business Events

Business Events help to integrate D365FO with other systems; they are supposed to be specific and small. But how exactly small should they be? What is the maximum size for one message?

If we take a look at the code, we will see that the maximum is driven by the type of Business Event End Point:

Some of these classes specifically set their max. 

For example, BusinessEventsServiceBusAdapter even implements some logic here.

As per Flow and HTTP, it is defined as 1MB minus 4KB for the header.

So, we have two conclusions here:

- we have to check these hard-coded limits directly in the code, as they may be changed in future;

- if you need to send a chunk of information bigger than the maximum size, you'd better revise your solution. For example, instead of sending a file you can send just its Azure Storage locator;

Another option can be developing your own End Point.

Some useful links.

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