Saturday, October 5, 2019

Electronic Reporting Webinar Screenshots, Part 1: Building and Debugging Configurations

First of all, I 'd like to thank the Microsoft Localization Team provided this free webinar about Electronic Reporting and Electronic Messages (in Russian).

I simply tried to output the gist of it by taking some snapshots from this very long demonstration.
In the first part, Nikolay Selin explains how the Electronic Reporting (ER) can be set up by showing practical examples of building and testing configurations.

In brief, ER can be used both for incoming and outgoing data flows.

So I tend to consider this functionality not as reporting only but as well as a data exporting/importing tool. Please read the full documentation on Microsoft site.

The main point from the developer's perspective is decoupling data from their presentation.
We build a data model, which is mapped to the actual data in D365 (tables, classes etc) on one side, and to the specific presentation format on the other.

Well, I hope all images are self-explaining.

Building a configuration for Export.

Create a data model

Create a format

Map the data model to the format

Map the data model to data sources

Preview the data to be used in the format

Activate versions

You can use an Excel template for the target format.
Create a template.

Load it to the format

Map it to the data model

 How final results will look like

 Building a configuration for Import

Create with the direction to Destination.

Create a format to read from a comma-separated file (CSV). It can be no lines in a file.

Map the format to the data model

Set up the target entity parameters for the data model

and map it to data sources

Debugging configurations

Analyze its execution tracing log

as well as execution steps details

Data sourcing and delivering.

We can use as a source for incoming data or a target for output reports multiple options, something similar to what we have in Report destination for standard reporting, but it includes Sharepoint folders for importing data as well.

Thanks for looking my pictures. Now it is time to practice it at your own!
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