Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Yeah! They did it again! Tenth time in a row!

I entered Microsoft Dynamics world ten years ago - almost at the same time when Nigel Frank started this great project. I always believed that knowing others salary can help us - hired workers and freelancers - better position ourselves on the market. More than 14000 data respondents make this survey report a valuable guide for those wondering about modern trends.

It is interesting how consultant and developer have been racing these years. It happens probably because of Microsoft efforts to ease development by moving to Visual Studio and to add more and more complex functionality to their products.

Once I got my Microsoft Dynamics AX certification, I was told that this is mutually beneficial to me and to the company and cannot be a reason for my salary increase. As we can see it happens in 70% of cases.

At the same time the most reasons why specialists start flirting with the idea to change their current job are lack of salary increase (57%) and lack of promotional perspectives (54%). A good point to think about!

More than a half of respondents said being ready to consider to relocate even to another country! And, yes, Canada is the destination number one!

Now, being a father of two toddlers, I really appreciate that I am allowed to work from home: until recent days it was three days a week.

As in previous years, Dynamics AX is still in the top 3 all together with CRM and NAV. Let's take a look at USA and Canada salaries.

I have made my notes just about a few points, but you can find a lot of other interesting analytics provided by Nigel Frank in this report. Great job!

As an improvement suggestion, it would be amazing to get time line trends by other Microsoft products as well as by region, occupancy etc. They already got all needed data; therefore, it is just a few hours of Microsoft Power BI developer work! :)

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