Monday, April 10, 2017

AIF Many to One External Codes Value Mapping and Reverse View Extension

I do not see any reason why we are not allowed to map many external codes to one internal for AIF inbound port value mapping.

In fact, this is just a question of one additional table, which can be easily created as a copy of the exting one, and a slight change to three classes and AIF related forms.

For the demo's sake it is implemented for Customer and Units only, but you can add the same to any AX externally enabled table.

 Please download and use this extension to the standard AIF in AX 2012.

Another valuable feature of this project is the External codes Reverse View.

Any time I saw something like depicted, I dreamt to have a way to look into this halo in reverse.

The Reverse view enables you to find any existing relation between 1:1 and N:1 external and internal codes.

Filter by any column, export them to Excel, and go directly to the internal table by Edit or double-clicking.

Besides aforementioned, there are examples of using the powerfull AX objects, like:
- table map;
- Data Dictionary operations for scalability;
- set;
- InMemory and TempDB usage in Form and joins.

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