Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to find in AOT all objects named like...

In fact the standard Find tool in AOT works well if you really know how to fill in all these parameters before launch it. Sometimes it is easier to use another options.

Let's say we need to find all the forms that contain 'lookup' word in the end of their names. Easy? Yes, it is! You can go directly to the SysModelElement table and work with it as with any other table: Ctrl-G to switch grid filter, 11 for Form element type, then *lookup in the name, and that's it.

This is rapid way to know the objects names but it is not possible to jump to them in AOT. Here we go with the second option. Just create a new project and filter criteria Element type name and Name for the objects. 

Simple, fast and will keep the search results for future recalls.

Happy searching in AOT!

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