Tuesday, March 6, 2012

RouteId Lookup

In AX2012 we cannot input a new route number manually because the type RouteId has a direct reference to RouteTable.

To solve this issue I created a new extended type WmpRouteIdBase and a related lookup form WmpRouteIdLookup similarly to BOMIdBase type.

The final step is to rewrite promptCreateRoute method on RouteTable:

if (! inventTable.inventItemType().canHaveRoutes())
        throw error(strfmt("@SYS22874",inventTable.ItemId));

    dialog = new Dialog("@SYS25123");
    if (manual)
        // to allow to input the route id manually
        fieldNumber = dialog.addField(extendedtypestr(WmpRouteIdBase),"@SYS21709");
    fieldName       = dialog.addField(extendedtypestr(Name),"@SYS6303","@SYS50977");

The whole project you download from here.

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