Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Universal Field Changer new version for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012

So, I took my old project from the case just to add a new feature: this time I would like to get all the table fields with their labels in the user's language.

Frankly seaking I was going to get it in a grid in order to export to Excel; but unfortunately I did not find a fast way to show my temporary table. Finally, I just use InfoLog in the comma separated format that can be used lately to open in Excel.

Enjoy, anyway!


Universal Field Changer class for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012:

- collects all the fields from all the tables in AOT in temporary tables;
- makes possible to change any values using filtres by table and field names and existing values;
- provides access to SQL query string;
- prints the field lists with labels in user's language;
- creates dynamically all the form controls and uses method overloading and can be used as a tutorial;

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