Friday, December 12, 2008

How to add a custom report from scratch in OnTime2008 with behaviour of standard reports

This is about OnTime2008, the system used for development management. A small issue occurred during design a Customer report: we could not pass the selected project in the project tree as a parameter for SQL statement.

1. Create your stored procedure in MS SQLServer. You can easily use existing SP as a base, i.e. spS_Projects_Summary.Otherwise, you can just add an SQL-statement later in design time inOnTime2008.

2. Create and execute a command like thefollowing. Pay attention to the group of reports where you want to add your report to.
You can either add your xml-defined report design here or define it later in design time in OntIme2008.

HINT: The easiest way is just to create a copy of a standard report looking similar to one you want to create and copy-paste its xml code in MS SQL Server. It will take everything including the C# script.

USE [OnTime2008_Test]

DECLARE @return_value int,
@ReportId int

EXEC @return_value= [dbo].[spI_Reports]
@ReportId= @ReportId OUTPUT,
@Name =N'LBA Deliveries', -- report name
@ReportClass= N'',
@ReportXML= N'', -- can be copied-pasted or designed later
@SqlCommand= N'LBA_spS_DeliveryReport @projectid = {CURRENT_PROJECT}', -- your storedprocedure or SQL statement
@ReportType= 4, -- group for the report: 1- defects; 2- features; 3 - tasks; 4-summaries;5 - workslog; 6 - incidents; 7 - dashboard;
@IsActive= true,
@CreatedById= 1,
@CreatedDateTime= '2008-12-12 15:23:54', -- not important
@LastUpdatedById= 1,
@LastUpdatedDateTime='2008-12-12 15:23:54' -- not important

SELECT @ReportIdas N'@ReportId'

SELECT 'ReturnValue' = @return_value


3. At this stage you may launch OnTime2008 (or re-launch it in order to re-index) and open your newly created report in the approriate group of reports (Reports\Manage Reports...).
Now, just create a shortcut to the report and you can start to use it.

NOTE: Using filters depends on the report group.

The sample of xml code for the report design and the history of this issue you can find on the Axosoft forum.

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