Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Universal Field Changer (xpo project)

Sometimes we need to change the values of a group of records in a table at once. I hope this project will be useful in this meaning.

It allows you to choose a table with excluding some of them. After that you can browse the table and open it directly in AOT.

You then can choose a field from the table excluding or not system fields and look through existing values to pick up or just input a new value.

Change function works only with a result of the query which text you can see as well. No checks nor validatings!

Use it at your own risk and do not forget how it can be dangerous for the system to change their fields directly!

The project is moved to. Tested on version 4.0.

Next, I am going to implement it as a class.

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Anonymous said...

I found it very useful. Recommend. A+++